M?DH Magazine Feature

Our iPad Sleeve which we developed earlier in the year has created quite a lot of attention and as we approach Xmas it is apparent that this product has caught the eye of many of our customers. The product is featured in the top 10 must haves for this season which we are delighted about as we are among some really interesting products.

Our leather backed and embossed iPad Sleeve reveals a unique design in iPad carriers. The Harris Tweed front is finished with the Harris Tweed Orb on a leather border. Our feature magnetic closer keeps the screen protected from damage.

“MODH (pron. mode) is from the Gaelic for style/ fashion/ breeding/ respect/ honour and morals. MODH magazine promotes all that is good in Scottish textiles. A high-end publication worthy of a place on any newsagent’s shelf, it makes our credit cards go into meltdown just looking at it!”

Please click on the link below which will take you to a pdf version of the magazine.[ilink url=”https://www.maccessori.com/modh-magazine-feature/modh-textiles-scotland-issue-4/” style=”download”]MODH Issue 4[/ilink]