International horizons and Harris Tweed

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We visited China at the end of March and there seemed to be a huge buzz around our brand with many people having never seen Harris Tweed before and certainly not used on products like ours.

Since our visit to Beijing we have signed a contract with a distributor to sell our products on the ecommerce platforms in China. As the Chinese economy still holds strong and the consumers look to foreign luxury brands we feel that this is a great opportunity for us. A great deal of Chinese consumers are now buying online through their many portals including Tmall, 360Buy, Amazon and many more.

It is also interesting to see how our products change as we look to international markets. For instance we have replaced our white packaging in China with a purple colour as white has connotations of disease and death. Also, most of our Harris Tweeds will be a tartan or plaid style as that is what the consumers in China see as Scottish.

We are now looking to the UAE to launch our brand and capitalise on their luxury goods market. In late September/October we will be travelling to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar to introduce our brand and tell the story of Harris Tweed. We will use this platform to launch some new products which we look forward to releasing to the public soon much like our Folio Sleeve which was introduced in China,

Once again we will be travelling to these destinations as part of a trade mission with Scottish Development International which will give us a host of opportunities to interact with both established businesses and also new businesses in Scotland. We strongly believe that collaboration is key in business and you never know when these opportunities will arise.

Harris Tweed is known the world over for its quality and helping to push this cloth out to more countries around the world will only work in the benefit of sustaining this traditional technique.