5 Stylish British Gentlemen We Follow

The development of social media in not only our day to day lives, but the world of business, is one of the most notable cultural and societal progressions in the past 5 years. With imagery and visual stimulation being at the forefront of this movement, it is no surprise that Instagram now stands as one of the most useful communication tools in the world.

In no other industry is this more relevant than the fashion industry. Brands reach millions of potential consumers, work with countless celebrities and influencers to heighten their image and provide an insight into the behind the scenes life of luxury.

Not only do business’ use the platform to communicate with their consumers, Instagram in itself has become a business for many, showcasing their life to the masses and in turn garnering a huge fan base and following.

With that in mind, we take a look at 5 Stylish British Gentleman that we follow on the social media powerhouse who have turned style into substance. 

Joey London

Instagram: @joeylondonstyle
Website: joeylondon.co.uk/

All image rights belong to Joey London. No infringement intended.

Inspired by his travels as a youth, Tottenham gent, Joseph, digitally known as Joey London, focused his three major interests; culture, art and fashion; to develop his creativity, now standing as fashion influencer of the Instagram era. Garnering well over 25k followers, his mastery mix of casual and sophisticated fashion has allowed him to work with high street fashion giants, as well as brands in the hospitality and travel industries. With splashes of bold colour seamlessly dotted throughout his Instagram feed, on whole, the young creative oozes 50 shades of neutral, with a colour scale of grey, black, white and camel; seemingly his go-to look.

The perfect follower: the fashion conscious 18-30 year old, looking to excel with simplicity.

Grey Fox

Instagram: @greyfoxblog
Website: www.greyfoxblog.com

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Proving fashion has no age, David Evans, more widely known as Grey Fox, noticed the lack of representation for the fashionable middle aged man. With a self proclaimed non-existent background in fashion, this style certified, law qualified, British gentleman helped fill the gap in the market with his blog when launched in 2011. A massive advocate for British-made menswear, Grey Fox has collaborated with some of the quintessentially fashion brands, as well as appearing in national campaigns for others. With over 14k followers in Instagram, it would be hard to find a hair out of place never mind a poor fashion choice on his channel.

The perfect follower: the forty+ man still wanting to dress to impress whilst remaining fashionably current and appropriate.

That Dapper Chap

Instagram: @thatdapperchap_
Website: www.thatdapperchap.com

All image rights belong to That Dapper Chap. No infringement intended.

Dapper by name, dapper by nature; Craig, aka, That Dapper Chap is the epitome of 21st century gentleman with his blend of beautifully bold and subtly sleek fashion choices. His 45k+ followers are treated to an array of sophisticated styles, rarely spotted without tie, pocket square, or at least a strong sock. Not one for trainers, unless he’s working out, even Craig’s everyday wear is like a special occasion, mixing up his incredible collection of suits with perfect pairings of waistcoats, blazers and more. Ps. This man knows how to rock an accessory.

The perfect follower: the sophisticated gentleman who likes to bring ‘evening wear’ to the day time without looking out of place.

Carl Thompson

Instagram: @hawkinsandshepherd
Website: www.carlthompson.co.uk

All image rights belong to Carl Thompson. No infringement intended.

Founder of Hawkins and Shepherd, handmade luxury shirt brand, Carl Thompson’s fashion career is a balance between his own personal image and that of his subsequent company, launched in 2013. With the ability to carry the ‘jeans and a t’ look quite like no other, Carl appears to have mastered the art of “throwing on an outfit” whilst looking so well put together. That doesn’t mean this British gent can’t hold his own in a suit, as, albeit it less frequently, displayed throughout his Instagram feed. Amassing a following of well over 45k, showcasing his knowledge in men’s fashion, style and grooming to a highly engaged audience.

The perfect follower: the twenty something every day man with a casual preference, but enjoys making a statement and getting the three piece out on occasion.

Joe Ottaway

Instagram: @joeottaway

All image rights belong to Joe Ottaway. No infringement intended.

With a successful career followed by a successful social following, stylist to none other than David Gandy provides enough reason in itself to follow this fashion favourite. However, Joe Ottaway showcases himself as the star with his killer wardrobe playing lead role of his Instagram. A Savile Row regular, his envied collection of tailoring combined with an inherent British countryside flare make for this front row regular’s signature look. His 22k followers can testify his commitment to sophistication, often dressing down his tailored look with a simple t-shirt or casual shoe. Forget Brentwood, this Essex boy now exudes Hollywood

The perfect follower: the polished thirty something year old who appreciates classic fashion with a touch of the modern man.