A Harris Tweed Handbag for Every Style

Harris Tweed Handbag

Pick the best Harris Tweed Handbag for YOUR own Style

With so much choice available, it can be difficult to find the best Harris Tweed handbag to fit your style.

So we’ve created this guide that will help.

If you like to travel light: Zip Purse Bag

It’s totally perfect, doesn’t feel too heavy and you’re not going to be rummaging around trying to find things.

Harris Tweed for Women

Harris Tweed Clutch Bag


If you like to keep your hands free: Backpack.

The best thing about the backpack, is that once it’s on your back, it won’t bother you. It’s the perfect bag for a day trip or a wander around town.

Harris Tweed Shoulder Bags



If you’ve never got enough space: Shopper Bag

It is so versatile. Here’s a video of just some of the ways you can use it.

Remember, once you’ve chosen your bag and it’s arrived safely, we want to see it in action. Share your Big Harris Tweed Bag pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and use #maccessori to be entered into our Monthly Giveaway.

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