Herringbone Harris Tweed

Herringbone Harris Tweed

Herringbone Harris Tweed

Having just introduced our third Herringbone style into our Harris Tweed Colours, we wanted to share some info about what Herringbone is.

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What is Herringbone?

Herringbone is a pattern consisting of columns of short parallel lines, with all the lines in one column sloping one way and all the lines in the next column sloping the other way.

It gets it’s name from the resemblance of fish bones – ‘Herring’s bones‘.

It is often referred to as a broken twill weave and you can get different sizes of Herringbone patterns.

What is Harris Tweed?

Harris Tweed is a hand woven and hand dyed cloth that can be woven only in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. As one of the most famous cloths in the world, it is the only material that is protected by its own act of parliament.

Herringbone Harris Tweed is only one style of Harris Tweed fabric. With different colours, weaves and patterns to choose from, the Harris Tweed options are plentiful.

Harris Tweed Weaves

There are three types of weaves: Herringbone, Twill (plain, 4×4 or 8×8), Barleycorn.

Harris Tweed Patterns

There are four types of Patterns: Houndstooth, Herringbone, Plaid, and Plain.

Find out more about Harris Tweed in general, in our post ‘What is Harris Tweed.’

Trivia Corner

Whenever using a Harris Tweed twill weave, the Harris Tweed twill needs to run from bottom left to top right. (often referred to as Twill Right).

Maccessori Herringbone Harris Tweed

We currently have three stunning Herringbone Tweeds available.

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